Farmers Edge Logo

Farmers Edge helps growers improve crop production, reduce waste, and improve sustainability by automating data capture, transfer, and processing.

Fody Food Co. logo

FODY Food Co. specializes in low FODMAP foods and recipes and provides diet solutions to people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to reduce and relieve symptoms.

Farmlead Logo

Farmlead is a grain marketplace that supports North American farmers in their grain selling efforts and provides more options for marketing and selling grain.

SunSelect logo

SunSelect grows the only carbon neutral produce in North America and they strive to produce vegetables and crops that are sustainable, safe, and delicious.

Bare Fruit

Bare Fruit is committed to providing delicious fruit and vegetable-based snacks and chips that are made of natural and simple ingredients.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods logo

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is a leading hemp production company that pushed for the legalization of industrial hemp production before widespread interest in superfoods.

Morris Logo

Morris is a long-established farming equipment and technology company that provide long-lasting and effective technology solutions to farmers.